(Technology) What is the evosip technology stack ?

We developed the entire platform using opensource solutions; every layer is containerized with docker and orchestrated by kubernernetes.
SIP services are developed by kamailio stack for call, session control and routing and asterisk for on demand application services like playback and voicemail.
RTP media is controlled by the routing layer and bridged by dedicated RTP modules using RTPEngine deployed both in cloud or on premise wherever you need.

(Technology) Why did you create this platform instead of using other solutions?

We didn’t find any suitable solution that can run on premise, scale fast in the cloud when needed, distributed all over the world with guaranteed business continuity.

(Technology) What’s the difference with other solutions?

Evosip can run everywhere using every cloud infrastructure, can scale fast when needed and the business continuity is guaranteed by design

(Technology) Scalability is unlimited?

Yes, scalability is unlimited, as evosip can deploy as many instances as needed and the internal ecosystem is auto-adapted to hold infinite users and peers.

(Technology) What is the scaling algorithm?

We are evaluating the use of machine learning with different metrics for intelligent and preemptive scaling

(Technology) What type of problems could give a cloud platform instead of architecture deployed on premise ?

We didn’t find any downsides to the usage of the cloud.
evosip runs on different cloud architecture, and is failovered by dna, so even if one cloud provider goes completely down, evosip still keeps running

Security and Privacy
evosip has strong built in security policies and don’t use cloud native functions to protect data

Vulnerability to attack
Running on different platforms and deploying a build in policy for anti-ddos, sanity checks and many other security features makes evosip more secure than on-premise solutions

Cloud vendor lock-in
Evosip is designed to be cloud-vendor independent so it can run on different cloud infrastructures and can also run on premise.

(Technology) What cloud provider do you use?

Evosip is designed to be cloud-vendor independent.
Currently we are using AWS, on premise solutions and MaaS (Metal As A Service) solutions with different european providers.

(Functionality) Is it already in production ? If not when ?

Yes, actually an Italian telco provider is using our platform providing voice services of 80 million minutes per year and having 10 thousand of sip accounts. We are planning to release a first public release within the end of the year.

(Functionality) Do you provide a demo version?

We provide a beta program to (free of charge) in order to offer you the opportunity to live the evosip world and help us grow together. Contact us at info@evosip.cloud

(Functionality) What type of skills do I need to use the evosip platform?

Evosip will have an intuitive web frontend with great UX that will guide you through the configuration process and allow you to be in business within 30 minutes without training. Do you know the SIP basics and how to configure a trunk? That should be enough!

(Functionality) Are there compatibility issues?

Evosip team has a history on working with the SIP stack for more than a decade and managed every sip device (more or less RFC compliant). We transferred our know how with header exception and manage in the evosip infrastructure to have a very flexible and interoperable platform.

(Service) Is the market ready for this kind of solution ?

Evosip was created starting from the necessity to solve the needs of the market, so we think the answer is absolutely Yes!

(Service) Is there a migration strategy ?

We’re developing a proxy layer with transparent bridging to your old infrastructure but with an intelligent filter in order to re-route traffic to evosip based on multi-label regular expression so you will be able to migrate only specific type of sip packets (specific numbers, user agents, etc)

(Service) Have you considered making it Open Source ?

Yes, we’re still evaluating an approach to a Community Edition in order to make this project grow faster and to be more reliable as it will be tested by the community.

(Service) Do you already have interested customers ?

Yes, Timenet (our sponsor) is our first client, and is using a first version dealing with 80Mil minutes / yeas and 10K users online

(Community) How can I contribute to this project ?

Ideas, consultancy, coding, testing! We would be very happy if you could contribute with any of this activities. Just write us and we’ll be happy to discuss your possible activities!

(Community) Are you hiring ?

Yes, we’re looking for: 

  • Developers (Go, Python, Javascript ...)​
  • SIP experts (SIP protocol, kamailio, asterisk)
  • Docker/Kubernetes experts
  • Linux experts
  • ..

(Community) Are you interested in a collaboration ?

Sure, your Ideas, consultancy, coding, testing or any other activity will be more than welcome! Just write us and we’ll be happy to discuss how you could help our team!

(Community) Why should I take part of this community ?

Would you like to merge together voice communication, scalability, machine learning, containerization and orchestration, distribution and cloud infrastructures in an agile pattern? Then you should definitely take part of this community!


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