evosip billing

Developed to respond to real business needs, evosip billing is a state-of-the art billing solution for telecom operators, based on microservices architecture with superb scalability and performance.

Cloud-native distributed billing platform for real-time services, evosip billing uses elements of machine learning and private blockchain technology to improve security and data trustability.

Scale up and down with ease

Evobilling takes full advantage of the orchestration of containers allowing us to automatically scale up and down each component individually in order to manage traffic spikes without any impact on business continuity.

Up and running in no time

Our billing system is perfect for customers who need an affordable, simple yet powerful solution that is easily integrable with their systems. We drastically reduce our clients’ time to market and help them improve their bottom line.

Machine learning for anti-fraud

We integrated machine learning to auto-scale the system based on historical data, improve the anti-fraud system to spot unusual account activity before any other system and prevent DDoS by analyzing a common pattern of events.

Distributed ledger

Native integration of private blockchain technology with IBM Hyperledger Fabric ensures data trustability across our network of customers, partners and suppliers.


Rich in VoIP-specific features, evosip billing is also easily integrable with messaging and IoT solutions. It can be used to bill any real-time telco service.

  • Real-time billing
  • Least cost routing
  • State-of-the-art fraud protection
  • Inbound/outbound channel limitations
  • Shared plafonds
  • Nested accounts with unlimited layers of partners and resellers
  • Derived charging
  • Invoicing overview
  • Accounts management
  • Rating plans management
  • Easy to use web interface

Pay per use

Full costs transparency is our fundamental principle.
Avoid setup fees and support and maintenance costs. We offer clear and simple pricing: you pay only for the resources you are using.

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