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What's Evosip?

Evosip is a full containerized voip cloud native platform that brings together the realtime of SIP with the most advanced containerized technologies.

Completely developed from zero with microservice architecture philosophy without infrastructure and technology lockin.

Business continuity guaranteed by design

… because things breaks!
That’s why evosip is designed to keep your business running even on the worst possible situations.

Ready, set, go !

… you can be ready everywhere, anytime!
Thanks to the containerization and the highly optimized API orchestration you can be ready all over the world within 30 seconds with instant deployment and unlimited scalability.

QoE oriented

… because quality is not an option!
evosip uses geoip recognition, auto-proximity and local-media deployment to shorten distance between peers and erase single point of failure.

Highly integrable through API

Expand your communication services with a full set of programmable API to integrate evosip in your supply chain.


Evosip is easy to start, easy to use with no maintenance cost because we take care of you and your business.
Thanks to the improved user experience design you will be in business within minutes.

About us

We are a team of developers , voip and system engineers with years of experience in telecommunications, programming and system integrations.
Actually we are focusing on agile techniques, design thinking and lean approach.

We started the evosip startup because we needed a platform that was able to:
scale infinitely
Scale fast and automatically
be distributed
Be QoE oriented
Be with no vendor lock in
Guarantee business continuity
We think evosip will be a new disruptive approach for telcos, able to erase time to market and suitable for every size of business due to its scalability, distribution and containerized cloud native dna.


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