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Accelerate your time to market with our turnkey,
cloud-native VoIP platform and billing solution

Evosip Evosip billing

What's evosip

evosip is a fully containerised VoIP cloud-native platform that brings together the realtime of SIP with the most advanced containerised technologies and a cutting-edge billing system.

Business continuity guaranteed by design

… because things break!
evosip is designed to keep your business running in the most challenging situations.

QoE oriented

… because quality is not just another feature!
evosip uses geoip recognition, auto-proximity and local-media deployment to shorten distance between peers and erase single point of failure.


evosip is easy to start, easy to use with no maintenance cost because we take care of you and your business.
Thanks to the improved user experience design you will be in business within minutes.

Ready, set, go !

Everywhere, anytime!
Thanks to containerization and highly optimized API orchestration you can be ready all over the world within 30 seconds with instant deployment and unlimited scalability.

Highly integrable through API

Expand your communication services with a full set of programmable API to integrate evosip in your supply chain.

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evosip billing

Developed to respond to real business needs, evosip billing is a state-of-the art billing solution for telecom operators, based on microservices architecture with superb scalability and performance.

  • Reliable & scalable
  • Anti-fraud
  • Blockchain Certified
  • Pay-per-use
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